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Air shower (AAS) is designed to provide a doorway regulator among the clean production space and the exterior world, and also the preliminary entryways of the cleanroom after the gowning rooms.

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Cleanroom Air Shower (Turbo DC Blower)


The superb energy-saving air shower brings out ultra-clean air. Air is forced by the blowers through HEPA filters which are 99.99% efficient against particles of 0.3 microns. The air jets at the velocity of 23 m/s to ensure efficient scrubbing action to remove particulate matter.

Cleanroom Air Shower (AC Standard Blower)


Air showers remove loose particulate matter such as: dust, hair, fibrous lint and other contaminants, from personnel and object surfaces. This is done with the use of high static pressure air jet streams to lift and takeaway the contaminants and then utilizing advance air purification systems to trap the particles and prevent them from recirculating.

LT Shaped Air Shower


Our L-Type and T-Type air showers are for cleanroom layouts where the equipment’s entrance and exit doors are not located across from each other.The L-Type air shower will have its two doors perpendicular to each other.While the T-Type air shower can connect up to three doors and serve as a common antechamber.These versatile units are the preferred choice for cleanroom retrofitting and renovation projects.

Auto Door Air Shower


The automatic opening function prevents cross-contamination and the dust on hand.It is with an interlock system and infrared sensor system​.

Auto Sliding Door Air Shower


We produce air showers that cater to the various needs of our clients in various industries.In industries such as the pharmaceutical and biomedical, where maintaining hand sterility is important, we offer air showers with an automatic door feature.This helps ensure personnel movement efficiency and reduces some process redundancy.  Moreover, the air shower’s automatic door feature is configured in such a way that the doors on both sides cannot be opened simultaneously.

Two Connected Air Shower


This air shower is made of 2 adjoining units; each unit having a depth of 1000mm.Its wide opening is capable of simultaneously accommodating multiple personnel for decontamination.It can likewise handle the passage of pallet trucks.

Tunnel Air Shower


Our air showers come in a wide range of dimensions for different applications.We have air showers with a depth of 1500mm so as to accommodate more than one user at a time. Designed for cleanrooms with a larger than normal number of users, this air shower shortens queueing time by allowing multiple, simultaneous users. 

High-speed Roll-up Air Shower


This air shower utilizes a high-speed roll-up shutter for a door.
It was designed to be deployed in areas that have very limited access space.
Since the shutter rolls up in a vertical motion, it does not need as much space as an air shower that uses a typical door or even a sliding door.

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