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Clean booths are facilities for generating spaces that preserve a high level of tidiness and are reasonable price. This is a very good choice for the cleanroom design. Mainly it is suitable for processing formula, chemical industries, biochemical industries, pharmaceutical, and experimental drugs industries.

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Standard Clean Booth


Clean booths are used for either localized or advanced particle cleaning to achieve cleanroom standards.Our Standard Clean Booth is made from a robust aluminum extrusion frame structure that is easy to clean and maintain.

Laminar Flow Clean Booth


Laminar Flow Booth provides a sterile working environment. The Laminar Flow Booth is continuously bathed with sterile air that is passed through HEPA filters, the system is typically employed across 100% of the ceiling to maintain constant, unidirectional flow.Positive pressure to keep particle contamination from entering the room or area.

Dispensing Clean Booth (Sampling or Weighing Booth)


Applicable to the pharmaceutical, chemical, and biochemical industry, processing formulations, sample testing used.

Temperature Control Clean Booth


This clean booth is co-bundled with our patented, power-saving, airconditioning unit. It is intended for those who require both a stringent sterile and temperature controlled environment. An added benefit of this model is that the airconditioning unit can be operated independently from the rest of the clean booth.As such, it can also be used in applications that are not temperature sensitive. 

Self Assembly Clean Booth


The (SS-MAC) is an affordable and adaptive Clean booth unit.  It is packaged as a DIY (do-it-yourself) clean booth kit which one can easily assemble and disassemble for rapid deployment. It is made from a sturdy aluminum extrusion frame structure that is easy to clean and maintain. It also comes with a differential pressure gauge to signal if it is time to replace the high-efficiency filter.

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