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Cleanroom Air Shower (AC Standard Blower)

Complies with CE certification


Air showers remove loose particulate matter such as: dust, hair, fibrous lint and other contaminants, from personnel and object surfaces. This is done with the use of high static pressure air jet streams to lift and takeaway the contaminants and then utilizing advance air purification systems to trap the particles and prevent them from recirculating.  The air shower also effectively acts as an “air curtain” that blocks the transfer of air from and to the cleanroom. As a result, this prevents the inflow of pollutant particles and contaminants to the Cleanroom workspace.


  • Our air showers are equipped with DC brushless motors and LED lights, thus ensuring low-power consumption and lower operating cost.

  • AIRTECH’s space-saving design has enabled it to produce air showers with the smallest dimensions in the industry without compromising capacity and comfort.

  • Our air showers are deployed with a proprietary and patented pulse jet nozzle that is highly effective and efficient in removing unwanted particles and contaminants.

  • We look into every detail in designing our air showers; making sure form meets function. The best designs are then copyrighted and standardized, ensuring consistency across our products.

  • The Language settings of our air showers are easily customizable. Voice instructions of the unit can be easily changed to a language of your preference.

  • Our high-velocity exhaust system is capable of rapid decontamination and cleaning of the air shower after each use.

  • The equipment automatically goes on energy-saving mode when it is on standby.


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