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Cleanroom Fogger (Clean Viewer)

Complies with CE certification


Cleanroom performance standard ISO 14644 part 3, Annex B7 mandates cleanrooms operators to periodically give evidence of the actual airflow characteristics in a room by introducing a sterile fog and video graphing its movement.


  • The generated fog is harmless.

  • It is very dense and can be clearly visualized and recorded on a camera.

  • It doesn't leave behind any residue in the cleanroom.

  • It is very passive i.e it has a very stable velocity so doesn't create turbulence by itself in the airstream.

  • The volume and exit velocity of the smoke is controllable.

  • The SS 304 body is corrosion resistant.

  • Long handle, anti-slip design, stable when being operated.

  • When the water level is low, the power is automatically cut off.



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