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Wall Mounted RO System

Capacity: 800GPD (120LPH)

SLS RW800 is a wall-mounted reverse osmosis (RO) system designed to produce low-dissolved solids water from tap or well water, using a highly efficient RO membrane. The RO-purified water can be used in a variety of applications, such as water stores, restaurants, laboratories, ice makers, humidification, misting, and more.

The SLS RW800 Reverse Osmosis System is manufactured in a cost-effective way for commercial applications, including restaurants, beverage/coffee shops, clinics, hydroponics, and others. The RW800 features a compact, wall-mount design that saves space, and it comes pre-assembled for easy installation. The RW800 can produce 800 gallons per day of purified water, and it has a fixed wastewater recycling device that helps save 50% of the wastewater compared to other RO systems on the market.


  • The convenient, space-efficient wall-mountable RO systems are substantially lower in cost than frame-mounted RO systems and are more cost-effective to ship.

  • The fixed high recovery rate (50-75%) allows easy installation and operation, without the need to worry about correctly adjusting the waste-water ratio.

  • It utilizes an ultra-low energy, high-flow membrane.

  • It is easy to operate, install, and maintain.



  • System Capacity : 800GPD/3,000LPD

  • Configuration: Single Pass

  • Feed Water TDS : < 1,000 ppm (mg/l)

  • Recovery Rate: 70%

  • Nominal Salt Rejection:98%

  • Permeate Flow : 2.5LPM

  • Concentrate Flow : 0.5LPM

  • Feed Connection: 1/2" NPT

  • Permeate Connection: 3/8" Tube

  • Concentrate Connection: 1/4" Tube

  • Membrane Size / Quantity: 2540 / 1

  • Pump Type: Rotary Vane Pump 400LPH @ 12 Bar

  • Motor : 1/2HP

  • Electrical Voltage : 110V,60Hz,1PH,1.0A 220V,50Hz,1PH,0.5A

  • Packing Dimension : L50 x W120 x H20 cm

  • Packing Weight : 25 kg

Optional Items

  • 20” 5 Micron PP Filter (for sediment removal)

  • 20” Carbon Block Filter (for chlorine removal) (for hardness removal)

  • 10” Polyphosphate Filter

  • CIP System Skid (for membrane cleaning)

Operating Limits


​Coming soon

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