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Temperature Control Clean Booth

Complies with CE certification


This clean booth is co-bundled with our patented, power-saving, airconditioning unit. It is intended for those who require both a stringent sterile and temperature controlled environment.   An added benefit of this model is that the airconditioning unit can be operated independently from the rest of the clean booth.  As such, it can also be used in applications that are not temperature sensitive.  Moreover, with its independent airconditioning unit control, one can save on energy consumption and reduce cost.



  • Clean booth comes with a temperature control (air conditioner) unit.

  • Highly customizable frame dimension. We can manufacture based on your required specifications.

  • Patented power-saving temperature control unit.

  • Fitted with durable, anti-static, transparent, and flexible PVC curtains.  Other curtains/enclosure material options are also available based on your preference.

  • Equipped with long-life, power-saving LED lighting.

  • We have a wide selection of doorways or access points to choose from.  Ranging from PVC curtains to solid aluminum doors, or even an airshower.

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