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SL HERO-6000 High Recovery RO System 

6,000GPD (1,000LPH)

SL HERO-6000 is a patented and revolutionary piece of light industrial RO system that operates at a minimum 80% recovery rate. It is one of the first kind in the market that has 4 major unique features that allow the system to operate at its best performance and minimum footprint.

  • Instead of having a constant flow of concentrated water, the system is designed with an automatic Permeate Pulse Flush

  • It is equipped with exclusively made 4040 membranes which have the highest permeate flow rate (5000GPD) on the market

  • Due to the high recovery rate design, the need for pre-treatment size has also been reduced. Sedimentation, dechlorination and superior quality of Avista antiscalant are included on the same system skid with a Compact Footprint.

  • SL HERO-6000 is also equipped with Oasis Wifi RO Controller that enables users to monitor historical data of RO system operations via smartphones or computers.

What is Permeate Pulse Flush?


Conventional RO involves a steady flow and stable salt concentration during its continuous and uninterrupted production cycle.​ Which allows organic and inorganic matters to have stable condition to develop foulants on the membrane surface over period of time.


Permeate Pulse Flush basically opens brine solenoid valve for short period of time to discharge highly concentrated water when its saturation reached to the level that antiscalant can't handle. RO permeate water enters the system during pulse flush, which enhances its flush efficiency to recover the membrane to a fresh new state. This process will repeat over and over again to ensure the longer life-span of the membrane and also reduce waste dischage.

Conventional RO System Design  VS  HERO-6000 Space Saving Design





* It is the key feature that allows SL HERO to be operating at a 100% recovery rate during the production cycle. During the flush cycle, the flush valve opens before the saturation of concentrated water reached the level when soft water or antiscalant can’t prevent the scale formation anymore. Moreover, the sudden change of flow velocity across the membrane surface in such a short period of time causes water hammers that also help to shake off the foulants on the membrane surface in order to keep the membrane clean for a longer period of time.

SL HERO system recovery rate is calculated based on the volume of flush water discharged

Recovery Rate =
(Permeate Flow / Permeate Flow + Discharged Flush Flow)

We are specialized in accommodating our customers with RO System Controller Taiwan. We take responsibility for the reliability of our RO System Controller which is outlined with the quality specification.

The RO System Controller is robust in its construction and capable enough to perform for a long time in an efficient way. All these controllers are provided in the best dimensions and fully scrutinized on precise parameters. You can rest assured that you are in the safest hand as we ensure the quality performance of our RO System Controller. 


SLS RO System Controller comes with Adjustable Switch and fully Equipped and Customizable options that can make it easy to use. Apart from that, they are factory tested and preserved, backed by a 1-Year limited warranty. These controllers maintain essential natural minerals and deliver clean and pure drinking water. It is easy to control and install too. 

You can visit our website to check all the additional benefits and standard features available with it. We offer RO System Controller in Taiwan at competitive prices. Order now! For more information, you can call us!


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