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SLRXL series RO Systems (High Flow)

2,000-6,000LPH (48-144CMD)

SLRXL Series RO systems are specifically designed to produce the largest pure water production using SLS XL-4040 5000GPD RO Membranes. Due to the use of high-flow 4” membranes, the SLRXL RO system has the most economical design option for industrial applications. Models are available with permeate outputs of between 2,000 and 6,000 liters/hr as shown in the specifications.

Standard Features

  • RO micro-computer controller with permeate TDS readout

  • 300PSI stainless steel membrane housing+PE end caps

  • Walrus SS304 multistage pump

  • 5 micron sediment pre-filter

  • SLS rotameters for permeate / concentrate / recycling stream

  • SLS pressure gauges for pre-filter outlet and RO feed

  • Danfoss low pressure switch

  • Electro-plated SS304 skid frame

  • Provision for CIP

  • SLS XL-4040 RO Membranes (5000GPD)

  • UPVC SCH80 pipeworks


  • Adjustable flush time

  • Small footprint

  • Economical design

  • Easy to operate and install

Available Options

  • Pulse-flush design

  • Raw water booster pump

  • Permeate Flush

  • SS316 or Sanitary grade on pipes and vessels



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