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Cleanroom Fan Filter Unit (DC Standard)

Complies with CE certification


DC standard Fan filter unit(FFU) is the most energy-efficient of fan filter units. With communication monitoring, build a dust-free and clean/sterile place immediately. Fan filter units are often installed within a facility’s ceiling or floor grid. Equipped with a HEPA filter, it can collect more than 99.99% of 0.3 μm particles and is suitable for generally clean environments. It is used to supply purified air to cleanrooms, laboratories, medical facilities by removing airborne particles from recirculating air.


  • Our fan filter unit is equipped with DC brushless motor, thus ensuring high efficiency and achieving energy-saving benefits.

  • Set high-efficiency HEPA filter to effectively filter suspended particles in the air.

  • Meet the safety requirements of EU directives.

  • The main body material can be selected on demand: steel plate baking varnish, SUS430, aluminum-zinc plate.



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