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Laminar Flow Clean Booth

Complies with CE certification


Laminar Flow Booth provides a sterile working environment. The Laminar Flow Booth is continuously bathed with sterile air that is passed through HEPA filters, the system is typically employed across 100% of the ceiling to maintain constant, unidirectional flow. Positive pressure to keep particle contamination from entering the room or area. The air velocity is 0.45m / s ± 20% spread evenly into the booth, thus ensuring the work area required cleanliness. A clean booth is a simple clean room that can be quickly set up, which has fast installation, short construction period, low price, easy to move advantages, and so on, is also the best choice for cleanroom design.



  • Class 100: 400 to 480 air changes per hour (100% ceiling coverage).

  • Conserve electricity: HEPA “H14 type” filter with efficiency of 99.99% at 0.3-micron particles size.

  • Sturdy structure: No rust, no dust.

  • Fan filter unit (FFU): With low noise, small vibration, variable speed, long life span.

  • LED saving more energy: Energy-saving light, power indicator light, graphical description, all of it is clear and easy to understand.

  • Anti-static curtain: the anti-static effect is good, high transparency, good flexibility, no deformation.


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