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Extremely Thin Fan Filter Unit (T-MAC)

Complies with CE certification


Equipped with ultra-thin design, low-pressure loss filter to meet high cleanliness requirements and even break through the shackles of small spaces.

FFU accumulated clean air to cleanrooms and laboratories within the life-science, food and beverage, and microelectronic industries by extracting airborne particles from recirculating air.


  • The main body height can be controlled within 36mm, and after assembling with the 50mm thick HEPA FILTER, the total height is 86mm.

  • The main body is made of SUS430 stainless steel, with a simple and neat appearance.

  • It is equipped with a high-efficiency, low-pressure drop filter, breaking through the constraints of narrow spaces.

  • It provides a special DC24V specification and can also be installed on AGV handling equipment that only supplies direct current power.


Note: Specifications are subject to change without notice. Sorry for the inconvenience caused.


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