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Cleanroom Fan Filter Unit (Ultra-thin type FFU)

Complies with CE certification


The total height is lower than the standard fan filter unit (FFU). Low height, save space, only 13.3 cm thick. Capable of supporting any cleanroom configuration. Special inlet design can minimize pressure drop and noise. The strong configuration can withstand the weight of a person during installation and replacement.


  • The single-phase motor enables speed adjustment for three levels. Air velocity and volume can be adjusted to meet different situation.

  • The built-in diffuser plates help with the even wind pressure diffusion and air velocity distribution.

  • The built-in wind deflector is anti-aging to prevent the secondary pollution. The surface is smooth and is with low airflow resistance. It is also with excellent sound insulation.

  • With high quality blower and efficiency motor, the energy consumption is lower.

  • Low height, save space.

  • The dimensions of the FFU can be customized.



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