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Benchtop Ⅱ A2 Biosafety Cabinet

Complies with CE certification


A table-top mountable class IIA2 biosafety cabinet that provides uncompromised protection to the BSC operator and the external environment, from potential hazards inside the BSC work area. A JIS-K3800 compliant device capable of meeting your requirements.


  • Utilizes an energy-efficient DC brushless motor and is fitted with low-power consumption LED lights. Can save you as much as 30% of energy as compared to older Class IIA2 biosafety cabinets.

  • An inclined slide shutter is utilized to improve ease of use; making operation both motion-saving and space-saving as well.

  • Fitted with a disinfection lamp as a standard accessory. The built-in interlocking system automatically activates the disinfection lamp once the sliding door is fully closed.


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